hat some witty and sharp speeches, which have fallen Axis Certified Professional it exam from princes, have given fire to seditions. Caesar did himse.lf infinite hurt, in that speech Sulla nescivit literas, non potuit dictare. for it did, utterly cut off that hope, which men had entertained, that he would, at one time or other, give over his dictatorship. Galba undid himself by that speech legi a se militem, non am for it put the soldiers out of hope of the donative. Probus likewise, by that speech si vixero, non opus erit Axis Certification amplius Romanio imperio militibus. A speech of great despair, for the soldiers and many the like. Surely, princes had need, in tender matters, and ticklish times, to beware what they say especially in these short speeches, which flee abroad like darts, and are thought to be shot out of their secret intentions. For as for large discourses, they are flat things, and not so much noted. Lastly, let princes, against all events, not be without some great person, one, or rather more.of military valour near unto them, for the repressing of seditions in their beginnings. For without that, there useth to be more trepidation in court, upon the first breaking out Axis Certified Professional of troubles, than were fit And the state runneth the da

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